Fire Maple Fire FRIEND Pot Set


The Fire Mapel Fire FRIEND Pot Set is a two person Pot Set that contains a 1.3L pot with a lid that can double up as a bowl or small 0.700L pot/pan & a 0.900L pot with a lid that can double up as a bowl or small 0.5L pot/pan.  It is constructed of hardened anodised aluminium and this 448g set makes for light and easy travel with its mesh storage bag.

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  • Foldable non slip handles
  • Hard Anodized Aluminium Pot Set
  • Insulated handles
  • Wrap inner pot in a bag to prevent scratching
  • Cleaning scourers
  • Mesh storage bag
  • Weight:  448g
  • Dimensions:
    • Large Pot: Ø135 x 112mm
    • Large Cover: Ø127 x 65mm
    • Small Pot: Ø125 x 102
    • Small Cover: Ø120 x 60mm
  • Volume:
    • Large Pot: 1.3L
    • Large Cover:  0.700L
    • Small Pot: 0.900L
    • Small Cover:  0.500L




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