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Fire Maple Fire-FLEET Stove

Fire Maple Fire-FLEET Stove


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The Fire Maple FIRE-FLEET is a compact folding gas stove which has an output of 10202 btu (2990w) that is connected to the pre-heating gas generator tube , continues onto to the flexible fuel line before it connects or is attached to the gas canister.  It boasts a large burner head for larger/better heat distribution on larger pots.

  • lower pot-holders for more stability
  • folding wide pot support arms and legs
  • Pre-heat generator tube
  • Large angled burner head for even heat distribution
  • Flexible fuel line provides lower centre of gravity for extra stability
  • Mesh protection carry bag
  • Uses Propane / Butane gas canisters (sold separately)
  • Weight:  146g
  • Sizes:
    • Open:  Ø145 x 75mm
    • Close:   Ø75 x 89mm



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