Giuseppe Zamberlan, the grand father, started the “activity” right after the end of World War 1. From simple shoe repair he moved on to footwear production, driven both by necessity and by his big passion for his local mountain range, the Piccole Dolomiti. He understood the poor performance of the early existing soles – made of leather with iron studs – and he both shared and supported the revolutionary ideas of Vitale Bramani, founder of Vibram, who was studying and developing rubber soles at the time.

These types of soles became accepted world wide for the future. He bought the fi rst machinery, started relationships with suppliers of raw materials, employed some co-workers and started a small workshop.

Of great importance was his wife – Maria – who became a skilled machinist and sewer.

Emilio, son of Giuseppe, grew up with the same huge passion for the mountains and helped his father to produce shoes until gradually he succeeded him. He continued his father’s work in directing the company towards foreign markets. Emilio was also supported by his own wife who helped him managing the company.

For more than 35 years now Zamberlan has been distributing to many European and world wide markets and today more than 90% of its production is destined for export.

Now it is the turn of the third generation. Marco and Maria now manage the family company. Like their forefathers, they too inherited the enduring love and enjoyment of the mountains and for their work, so closely related to that enjoyment, which takes them through all stages of designing, manufacturing, testing and distributing the most comfortable footwear for this purpose. 80 years after the beginnings Zamberlan is distributed in more than 40 countries and continues to manufacture its most traditional and prestigious models in Italy.

Zamberlan is still managed and run by the family, ably assisted by a valuable team supported by skilled shoe technicians: this passion assures the handing on a tradition of quality, comfort and performance.


1929 Giuseppe Zamberlan started his own cobbler’s business: Due to his great passion for mountains, he tried to make better and more reliable products and- right before first world war – he supported the revolutionary ideas of Vitale Bramani, founder of Vibram®, to develop rubber soles which would later on replace the existing ones, made of leather with iron studs.
1967 Style FUJIYAMA was developed for the Japanese market and 40 years later it is still produced although updated and renewed.
1970 Emilio, the son, took his father’s place and gradually moved from being a respected local manufacturer to a national and international supplier, supported in all ways and stages by his wife.
1973 The premises were moved from Schio to Pievebelvicino, at the foot of Small Dolomites, and the first sales abroad , mainly in Japan and the UK, were achieved.
1983 New and performing midsoles, MULTIFLEX and BIFLEX, made of elastic and light propylene were introduced. They allow optimal toe off and consistent flex pattern across all sizes.
1984 ALPIN LITE was born and was very successful, first in the UK market and then in many other markets.
1985 As a result of careful research Zamberlan realized a special tanning technique which preserves the natural characteristics of breathability and water resistance of leather: the brand HYDROBLOC® was conceived to recognize such prime quality leathers.
1986 Together with Brisith customers Zamberlan created a specific last for the female foot (at a time when everything was still men’s or unisex). LADY LITE, women’s shoe par excellence, was launched and was a huge success.
1988 In collaboration with Vibram®, Zamberlan developed an exclusive sole, BIMESCOL, with double density rubber, which absorbed ground impact like no other sole did before.
1989 On the 25the of March the “Zamberlan Mountainsport” store was opened, mainly selling Zamberlan products with the addition of few other items complimentary to boots.
1990 “DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE” became the company’s pay off: discovering and knowing the difference is the key of a Zamberlan boot.
1992 Zamberlan entered the USA market and with pride begun to supply the main specialty outdoor chain: REI, a reference for the whole industry.
1993 Zamberlan begun to produce boots with the famous and absolutely revolutionary GORE-TEX® membrane.
1995 Zamberlan developed a special method to apply the rubber rand, named Rubber Reinforcement System, to completely preventing rubber rands to peel off the boots.
1996 Style CIVETTA GT was born and continues to prove to be a long term best seller, much appreciated in many foreign Countries.
1998 Zamberlan initiated its collaboration with Karl Bushby whose plan was to make the world tour on foot, with no stops and completely alone.
1999-2000 The factory space was more than doubled, using a project which involved the salvage of the historic main ditch that passes underneath the plant.
2000-2005 In these years productions moved to countries where the workforce is cheaper. Nevertheless Zamberlan stubbornly kept its production in Torrebelvicino and has always maintained the ”made in Italy” for the core of its collection.
2002 Marco and Maria the children that have always been somehow involved in the company’s life now start managing it more by themselves. Their main passions – the mountains and their job – continue to grow one into the other.
2005 Zamberlan started its collaboration with Cristina Castagna, the youngest Italian lady to conquer a 8000 mt.
2006 The premises were renewed combining modern architectural design and traditional materials (stone and wood). Two spires linked by a Tibetan bridge for climbing in the summertime were added.
2007 On the 27th of March the new store was open. It now covers 450 sqm and, besides Zamberlan boots, it offers a huge choice of quality products for mountain and outdoor activities. Mara, the youngest daughter is in charge of it.
2008 An inside climbing wall, unique in the area, was built and the AZA association was founded with more than 100 members.
Collaboration with Luca Vuerich, a young and very promising alpinist, begun for in-field testing of Zamberlan products. Zamberlan is in more than of 40 countries and the export sales are far more than 90% of the total business.
2009 Zamberlan celebrates its 80st anniversary! For the occasion, the company sponsor an expedition of 6 alpinists, including Marco Zamberlan, to climb the Baruntze in Nepal, 7127 m. In the same year the new branch in USA was inaugurated.
2010 Zamberlan is awarded many International prizes, among them the OUTDOOR INDUSTRY AWARD 2010 for the TOFANE, a model of the new Norwegian Welted construction, and the prestigious BACKPACKER’S GEAR GUIDE 2010.
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