Traverse Outdoor Gear are the South African distributors of quality mountaineering & outdoor footwear brands including Boreal from Spain and Zamberlan from Italy as well as Nikwax footwear care products.

Many of us know what it is to have to hike or walk with feet in excruciating pain because the boots we bought just didn’t deliver. Of course, one of two scenarios may have resulted in the wearer’s demise:

  1. The shoes are just not good enough/tough enough/lasted properly or
  2. We bought the wrong thing and the fault lies not with the boot but with ourselves for not being more discerning! At the end of the day, if something doesn’t fit, don’t wear it!

Traverse Outdoor Gear was born from the twin concepts that choice is often vital in finding the right fit and there’s no substitute for quality. Footwear should not limit our journey or compromise our outdoor exploits. If you’re gonna be spending significant time on your feet then without doubt spending a bit (lot) extra on your shoes is worth every pain and hassle free extra mile you get to traverse life with! In Zamberlan and Boreal, we feel that we have added to the market two significant players who both build footwear to the highest standards. We are proud to be able to bring these brands to our shores.

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