The Dry-Line® system offers much more than just a waterproof membrane. Besides the waterproof properties of the Dry-Line® it is one of the most breathable systems on the market, transporting moisture both horizontally and vertically away from the foot.
TLS: Thermal Layer System
A thermal insulation system with a triple layer of Thinsulate® all around the foot combined with different layers consisting of neoprene, completely waterproof 2.8 mm leather, highly abrasion Cordura and 2.5 mm of EVA.
XTP FOOTBED: Extreme Thermal Protection Footbed
Specially insulated insole to reduce heat loss.
HFS: Heel Fit System
Padded foam heel fit system developed by Boreal to hold the heel in place and avoid movement.
CFS: Control Flexion System
Unique flex system that allows longitudinal movement of the leg without opposition or pain.
VTS: Velcro Tongue System
Three-piece tongue system where the user can adjust the height depending on the morphology of the leg.
TP net
TPU injection system to support the heel and protect the textile of the upper.
ALS: Ankle Lacing System
Fastening system at the heel gives a better fit and avoids foot movement inside the shoe.
IRS: Integral Rand System
The IRS system goes a step further in the manufacturing of climbing shoes. This one piece climbing sole never deforms and has a superior fit. We can achieve different thickneses in the rubber and the one piece construction avoids possible delamination.
The latest Boreal developed climbing rubber formula. The commitment to grip-abrasion-hardness are optimum. It has the unique property of not being affected by the change of temperature.
The stickiest rubber on the market so far, finding the perfect mix of edging, durability, and the remarkable ability to maintain its performance at diferent temperatures.
Rand system for climbing shoes which thanks to its double tension provides a great fit for the heel and the arch of the foot.
CHS: Comfort Heel System
Cushioned heel for superior comfort when walking and for day long use.
MI Fit: Arch Fit System
Revolutionary fastening system for a fast and precise fit.
TFS: Toe Flexion System
A system that allows easy vertical flex of the toe area.
SFL: Slim Fit Last
Specific Boreal developed last designed for a narrow foot shape.